I am one of the founders and owners of a successful real estate investment firm, Foundation Companies, which is made up of 6 unique businesses within the real estate industry.

This is my personal blog. The main focus of this blog is to help people adopt a healthy mindset on creating wealth so they can fully experience financial freedom in their life. My philosophy is that our focus should not be to just GET rich in wealth but to BE rich in life.

I write on business, personal development, leadership and real estate. I strive to provide ideas and tools that will inspire you to discover and pursue your dreams. You can read more in my blog post: Why I Blog.

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To understand me better you must understand a little bit of my beginnings. I was born in Atlanta, Georgia and grew up in small-town-America in southern Illinois.  My father was a coal miner who taught his children the intangible values of hard work, tough love and the basic principle that you will only get out of life what you put into it.  Taking after my father, who was also the starting offensive lineman for Georgia Tech in his college years, athletics became a huge part of my upbringing, teaching me the value of teamwork, furthering the lessons of my father and instilling within me a drive to pursue greatness. However, the most important value that my parents instilled within me is that my relationship with Jesus Christ always comes first.  This relationship continues to be what strengthens me and gives me purpose.

I attended James Madison University on a football scholarship and graduated with a double major in Marketing and Business Marketing Education.  I then went into teaching and coaching before I was introduced to real estate.  Real estate has become my passion and the success I have realized in this business is something I would like to pass along, helping others reach their potential.

Currently, I run Foundation Companies along with my business partner, Mark Doherty.  Within this firm is a residential investment company that completes over 300 transactions a year, MacDoc Realty, a rapidly growing realty company, a large residential rental portfolio of over 300 single family properties, MacDoc Property Management, a successful property management company, Foundation Homes, a new home division, and Foundation Commercial which owns several prime pieces of real estate such as a state of the art car wash, land for future development and buildings that house national tenants like Barnes and Noble.

From its start in 2007 through 2012, Foundation Companies has sold over $100,000,000 of properties, consisting of over 700 homes.  In that same period we have grown the company’s rental portfolio to over 300 single family properties, and asset value of holdings nearing $40,000,000.  The company began with not much more than hard work and a burning passion and now employs over 30 full-time employees and nearly 60 sub-contractors on a regular basis.

In a short time frame God has blessed me with the ability to create great wealth and given me a great deal of knowledge regarding the real estate market.  This blog is intended to offer new and creative ways of thinking and analyzing life so that readers can implement into their lives the concepts that have motivated and changed my life for the better.  My ultimate goal is to help others reach a higher level of success not only in business but in all areas of life.


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